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Susan Ann Darley

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Creating A Better World through
21st Century Leadership







Risk dissolves the chains of mediocrity.
That is an art to aspire to.








Change begins with a single thought. Creativity is expressed and expanded from a single idea.
Perhaps creating a better world is as simple as that.













The Challenge of the 21st Century Workplace

Standing on the brink of the 21st century we are at a critical crossroad. Businesses practicing 20th century methods are antiquated and contributing to high stress levels and burnout.

With that said…
The first and foremost leadership challenge at hand is to be receptive and have an open mind to new approaches that will allow you to effectively meet challenges and solve problems.

Mindset Management Coaching (MMC ) supports 21st Century Leadership and the new consciousness that is needed in order to meet the demands of our times.
That includes: bold ideas, sustainable vision, innovative thinkers and creative minds.

As a coach I work with leaders who are willing to risk, stretch the boundaries of limited thinking and upset the status quo in order to entertain the vast world of possibilities.

How do you get there? By seeking. By being curious, adventurous and tackling new challenges head on. By listening and allowing yourself to be receptive.

 By trusting the inner journey. As a leadership coach I show people how to work through their challenges at a higher level. I give them tools to strengthen their connection with their higher-self and use the power of their mind...

  • In order to practice and benefit from conscious living.
  • In order to choose their thoughts, words and actions with care.
  • In order to design and shape their personal and professional reality.
  • In order to lead with integrity, courage and wisdom.


Leadership Coaching
Develop conscious solution-based thinking that results in deeper insights, improved productivity, creativity, concentration, collaboration, relationships...More

Spot Coaching for Employees
By phone to resolve immediate challenges including; transitions, conflict resolution, loss of confidence, performance issues, goal setting, focus...More

Arrange a presentation adapted to your group and designed to inform, inspire and ignite the flow of new ideas...More


Call or e-mail me to schedule a time to meet or talk by phone to discuss your leadership challenges/goals/questions.

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What does conscious leadership mean? 

It refers to people who have an acute level of awareness and an expansive worldview. Their life focus is exploratory by nature, therefore, unlimited.
They are gestalt in their approach to life – operating from the whole, which leads them to explore both external and internal processes.  Because their curiosity is stronger than their biased inclinations, they know how to free themselves from many of the blocks that keep people stuck, such as; personal judgments, prejudices, fear and one-way thinking. They move with calmness of mind through every challenge.
As we move through the 21st century, conscious leaders will be pivotal in running socially responsible, values-driven, innovative companies and organizations. These insightful visionary leaders will inspire a depth of collective vision and change within the work culture that will transform capitalism and set the foundation for global unity.

The Key to Finding a Solution to Anything...

...begins with becoming quiet - allowing yourself to go deeper and higher in consciousness. This allows you to tap into the laws that are running the universe with exquisite perfection.

When you align yourself with universal law you can Rise Above the Drama in your life. Fear constricts life. Peace fulfills life.

True power is the right use of the creative force which flows through each of us.


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